Yesterday, when I got the lab results they showed that everything was just fine.... The white cells were just fine and the platelets too. I was going to keep her controlled until Monday, but we noticed that she was too congested... My poor thing had to take the bottle out, take a breath, and then keep drinking her milk, because she couldnt breath through her nose.

My mom stopped by the house to drop of two of Mimi's bottles that we forgot in her house, and I took advantage of it and asked her to take me to the ER. That way I ws not going alone with Mimi, and daddy was able to stay home with Mia and Gaby. It was around 8:00pm probably.

The pediatrician in service in the children's ER took a look at her, and the first thing she said: "She is just FULL of white spots in her tonsil! She has a SEVERE tonsillitis!!!!!!" Normally tonsillitis comes with high fever, that's why it never occur to me that she may have it... Gaby gets them a lot, but this "low fever" symptom totally confused me. Thank God her ears are fine, because most of the time Gaby gets the whole package of Tonsillitis + Ear Infection + Cold.

They injected her a medicine, gave her acetaminophen for the fever, and prescribed her antibiotics for 7 days plus saline drops... She told me that she was going to be just fine in a couple of days after the antibiotic starts.

Here is a picture of my sick baby as soon as we got home... It was already over 10:00pm.... Do you think this looks like a sick and sleepy baby??
Posted by Anelys Perez On 2:56 AM 2 comments

2 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

Glad u finally got a diagnosis...poor baby!!!! But she looks very happy!!!!! :) Her teeth are so cute!

Gus said...

ohh poor thing. I didnt know she was sick. HOpe she gets better soon


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