Today was Mimi's third day in her new school... Everything has been nice but she has been giving "cold" signs since last weekend, but nothing to worry about. I got a called at 11:00am telling me that she has low fever (38 C / 100.4 F). They had my permission to sumistrate tylenol without consulting me first (I filled out a form for that, because I didnt want them to have her with fever one day that they cant get in touch with me), but she wanted to let me know about the fever.

As she wasnt showing any other sign of anything else and was acting mostly like every day, we agreed that I was going to call again in 20 minutes to see if the fever was gone already. So, when I called her she told me that the fever was down and that everything was fine. We kept talking until pick up time, and the fever was starting to come back again. As she wasnt showing any signs of anything, I was going to keep an eye on her overnight, and if she is not better by the morning, Im just going to go for a blood test (thank God I can walk in the lab for it).
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Mainegirl/Pauline said...

I am so sorry that Mimi is not feeling well! I hope that she feels well soon, hugs for her!!!

Anonymous said...

awww pobrecita........le mando un besote!!!!!


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